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Lakshmi The Elephant |Sri Manakula Vinayagar Temple | Pondicherry


 Major idol of the temple Sri Manakula Vinayagar Temple is a Hindu temple that holds Lord Ganesha as the main deity. It is the only ancient temple in Pondicherry that holds that place before the French came to Pondicherry nearly by the year 1666 and even before that. God Ganesha is nearly named in 16 […]

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Lady of Angels Church | Pondicherry


 Familiarity of the church Our lady of Angel’s church was built in the early 1865 and popularly known as Notre dame des anges in French. French missionaries planned and built this church based on the design of basilica of Lourdes. Church of Our Lady of angels is very popular for its stone work and in […]

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Our Lady of The Immaculate Conception


 Foundation of the church Jesuits is the founder of our lady of the immaculate conception found in Pondicherry that was started by 1693 and completed in 1791 when he came as missionaries to the French colony of Pondicherry by the year 1689, this church was built in cloud white and robin’s egg blue colour mostly. […]

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Church of the Capuchins


 Location of the church Church of the capuchins is found on the Dumas Street which is the oldest church in Pondicherry. Being one in all the primary churches in Pondy, it holds the distinction and it is still preserved and maintained as houses of orphanage though it has lost its old charisma. Ancient story about […]

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Sri Kokilambal Thirukameswara Temple | Villianur Thirukameswar Temple


 Introduction of the Temple Sri Kokilambal Thirukameswara temple is one of the biggest and famous temples in Pondicherry that is found in a small town called Villianur which is nearly 11 km apart from Pondicherry. This temple was designed during the period of Cholas around the twelfth century. Leading idol for this temple is Lord […]

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Sri Vedapureeswarar Temple


 Popularity of the temple Sri Vedapureeswarar temple was famed and widespread nearly 238 years ago was razed throughout a clash in 1748 (Aavani-28) so was rebuilt in 1788 by Diwan Kandappa Mudaliyar and with the public co-operation. The seventy-five feet king tower stands majestically at the doorway of the temple. The presiding god may be […]

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Kanniga Parameswari Temple


 Location of the temple The temple is located in the bustling Mahatma Gandhi road, it is famed for its unique architecture that reflects the architectural splendour of Tamil and the famed French architecture. The main goddess of Kanniga Parameswari temple is the goddess Parvathi (wife of Lord Shiva) also known popularly as Sakthi. Sakthi is […]

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Kamatchi Amman Temple


 Location of the temple The Kamatchi Amman Temple is placed within the Bharathi Street of Pondicherry and is a famous journey spot. The singularity of the temple lies within the accurate sort of the temple structure. The place of worship is often visited by the tourists and also the native people arrive within the temple to […]

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Swamy Sithananda Temple


 About the saint Swamy Sithananda was born and spent his life in a very small village called Vandipalayam close to the historical place of Thirupathiripuliyu. Muthukumarasamy pillai lived in an area named muthialpet in Puducherry came to knowledge about Swamy Sithananda. For a long time, wife of pillai, was suffering from a serious infection, thus […]

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Pratyangira Devi temple


 Goddess temple in Pondicherry The Pratyangira Devi temple is found close to Puducherry between the Puducherry and Chennai road. It is regarding 3 Kms from moratandi a village near this temple and isn’t abundant crowded on most days of the week. The most admiring thing of this temple is that the seventy two feet idol […]

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