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Circle de Pondicherry


 Innovation of the circle Circle de Pondicherry was established during the French period in 1899 for senior French VIP’s. Members of the Circle can avail its facilities that include tennis and badminton courts, but that was rarely used by them. Divisions in Circle de Pondicherry As per details furnished by the Executive mastermind, Public Information […]

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Assembly of Pondicherry


 Introduction to Puducherry Legislative assembly In General, Union territory of Puducherry consists of four regions that include Karaikal, Mahe, Yanam and Pondicherry. At the time of French rule, to ease the administration above mentioned regions were classified into 39 assembly constituencies, after becoming UT of India, Puducherry was divided into 30 assembly constituencies that were […]

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Governor’s Palace | Raj Niwas Palace | Pondicherry


 Gorgeous architecture of palace Raj Niwas is the official residence of the assistant governor of Puducherry and merge of architecture with Indian and French style. Governor’s Palace is constructed such that it is a huge white building. When anyone enters into this palace will just give a glance of obsession that covers the prettiest garden. […]

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Joan of Arc | Pondicherry


 Heroic damsel statue There are a lot of French Influence in Pondicherry and a marble statue of a heroic French damsel called Joan of arc is one among it that is in a place that is absolutely serene. Joan of arc statue has lady of angels’ church at its front and fame promenade beach at the […]

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Le Cafe | Pondicherry


 Famous restaurant in Pondicherry Beach Le cafe is a restaurant that is found near the promenade beach very near to the sea with exotic ambience with pleasant displays. It is moreover a sea front spot that is specifically designed for a relaxation along with hot drinks and supper. Visitors can enjoy fresh breezes from the […]

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Customs House (Mât de pavillon, Douane)


 Beauty of the house The customs building is so called the bâtiment de la douane in French was above all the Flag pole known as Mât de Pavillon in French or Flagstaff of the colony. This is because it became the Customs House only on 28 January 1941. This custom building is designed in typical […]

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Dupleix Statue | Pondicherry


 Governor general statue The Statue of Dupleix is one of the famous tourist attractions in Pondicherry. The statue is dedicated to Francois Dupleix who had been the Governor General of French establishment in India. Dupleix had been the French governor here in Pondicherry between 1742 and 1754. This statue is a beautiful example of French […]

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French Consulate | Pondicherry


 Design of early building French Consulate is one of the Heritages building in Pondicherry. The architecture is painted with a combination of white and yellow colour and designed in a combination of French and Indian style located on Marine Street near the sea. Consulate General of France, Puducherry is pleased to introduce a new facility […]

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French War Monument | Pondicherry


 Remembrance of French war in Pondicherry French war monument is built in the remembrance of First World War on Goubert Avenue to remind the sacrifice of those brave soldiers who laid their lives for their country. This memorial was built by the year 1971. Bastille Day for this memorial is same as that of Kargil […]

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La Mairie (Municipality) | Pondicherry


 Strongest ancient building One of the largest administrative buildings for quite one hundred years is la Mairie Building in Pondicherry that was earlier called the Town Hall or Hotel de Ville in French. French established possessions in India by 17th century itself but it doesn’t stand still 19th century. So, the French began civil administration in […]

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