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Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, India

Sao Luis

Kodaikanal is one of the famous hill station ranking top in the hills of Tamil Nadu. A perfect holiday spot with chill climate to adore is Kodaikanal. Regular shooting spots are numerous in Kodaikanal. You can get the chance of meeting your favourite cine actor / actresses. Union church is very familiar in Kodaikanal for its stunning architecture in the hills side. Cottages and resorts are filled with luxury to impress and comfort you with great hospitality. Palani, the great Hindu religious temple is found very close to the hills. Kurunji flower is abundantly grown in Kodaikanal. A rare flower that blossoms once in 11 months in a year. Botanical gardens and forests around the hills are filled with kurunji flowers. They help tremendously in trade of the hills. Boating, horse riding, trekking and cycling are the most entertaining events in Kodaikanal to enjoy your stay! The hills are dearly called as Princess of Hill stations in Tamil Nadu. Beautiful lakes in Kodaikanal attract you for boating. The green atmosphere and romantic climate charm you to stay back even longer for your vacations. The amazing viewpoints have made the place to be a honeymoon spot. Scenery views can definitely tempt you to stay in a luxurious resort like Kodai sterling holidays resort. Villa retreat could be the next rich one to love the stay in Kodaikanal. Suicide point is the best and more familiar tourist spot in Kodai. A great Tamil movie cast by leading hero of Kollywood was shooted in Kodai. From then, suicide point in Kodai is the most famous one. Pillar rocks spot is another popular place to visit in Kodaikanal. You could see two parallel rocks standing erect of almost peak height. The climate around the place can even hide the rocks with clouds! It is a really amazing spot to go around and experience. You can have a variety of tours like walking tours where you will be walking on a long flying bridge constructed over a great space. Boating can be excellent in a Kodaikanal lake at evening for a romantic spending of time. Lake view point is good to see through a telescope. Guna point also called suicide point is a great adventure to experience. Fairy falls, shola falls and some other little falls are good places to have a bath and get amused. A huge chocolate factory is a new event to visit and know how homemade chocolates are made. You can also buy those fresh chocolates from the shops inside the factory at a wholesale price. Yummy and healthy to have!!! The forests that surround the hills are full of eucalyptus, acacia, pear trees and Cyprus. Berijam lake is more famous within Kodai for its stunning view. A perfect photographic place for tourists. Coakers walk is another attraction where you will walk a long way of 1 km in the pathway of hills. Ana excellent viewpoint of other hills nearby Kodai. Dolphin nose is a place where you will walk on a rock path to admire the rock in dolphin nose’s shape! It could be really amazing to see the naturally made shape of the rock. There are many attractions within Kodaikanal to admire and enjoy your stay!

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